Zydus AHL receives Animal Pharm Award Third time in 4 years

We have been again rated as the Animal Pharm- Best Company in India/Middle East/Africa – for the year 2018 .This has been our 3rd international Award in the last 4 years. Another feather in the Zydus Animal Health and Investments Limited Cap.

Another previous winner retained its crown in 2018. Zydus Animal Health and Investments Limited is a division of Cadila Healthcare and is headquartered at Ahmedabad, India.

Zydus markets 210 brands across large and small ruminants, poultry, pigs, horses and companion animals.

The firm has a state-of-the-art plant in Haridwar for manufacturing powders, tablets, liquid and injectables. In 2018, the plant cleared the audit of many countries including Saudi Arabia and some African nations – expanding the company’s horizons further beyond Africa.

Zydus’ dedicated probiotic manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad is also expanding its reach to cater for Indian and international veterinary probiotic markets. The Zydus Research Centre is working on developing and characterizing probiotic strains for poultry and livestock.

In 2018, Zydus introduced six new products to strengthen its food animal portfolio. The company received Indian approval for two poultry vaccines, as well as 26 marketing authorizations from south east Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The firm stated: “The Company keeps on exploring newer opportunities to expand its market reach year after year.  In 2018, Zydus AHL to post a turnover of INR5,000 million ($70 million) with a growth of 18% over the previous year.

“Besides domestic prominence, Zydus has made significant strides in its export business especially in south east Asia, Africa and the Middle East during 2018, along with the clearance of the regulatory audit of many countries for its WHO-GMP compliant manufacturing plant. Going forward, exports will be a major growth driver for Zydus” (Source Animal Pharm Website)